New syntax for embedding Shell script in your Markdown

I've created a new way of embedding Bash sub-shells in your Markdown.

Previously, you would add something like some markdown text $( your_bash_code ) and more text in order to embed Bash (shell) scripting in your Markdown files - that is you had to use the regular $() syntax familiar to all shell scripters.

However, this was a problem - parsing the Markdown, and the sub shell code in particular, created errors because of sub-shell invocations within the sub-shell code. In other words, trying to parse the embedded bash code was not working right, cos $() is too commonly found within the returned code, and my coding is crappy.

So, here is the change: your sub-shells must now be invoked using a custom syntax, not used by any official languages/scripts/etc, and stolen from the Bash-On-Steroids project.

Here is the new way of invoking Bash sub-shells in your Markdown:

// your shell code here
// cat some file, or run a function, or something..
echo hi

Or, you can do it like this as well:

..a sentence about OS < ?bash uname ;? > and user < ?bash whoami ;? >.

Which would produce something like:

..a sentence about OS Linux and user bob.

Don't forget - the sub-shell invokations (as above) go in your .mdsh files (the files created when you run new post or new page), and the evaluated output of those sub-shells will appear in the final HTML files.